Introducing Peter Møllgaard: Dane, dean and cyclist, keen on flatlands, long stretches and steep challenges

For those who have yet to meet Peter Møllgaard in the halls of Tongersestraat 53 or via his thoughtful social media contributions, you’ll doubtless soon spot the new dean of Maastricht University


Strength in numbers: can algorithms replace humans in financial regulation?

Artificial intelligence pinpoints patterns in financial transactions with lightning swiftness, making it invaluable for banks and regulatory authorities. Professor Dirk Broeders, currently a fellow at the world’s “bank for central banks” in


Head games: why talking about epistemic game theory with non-experts is surprisingly easy… and a lot of fun

Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by how we humans think. In that light, working on epistemic game theory feels like the ideal playground to me, since in


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