Improved computer lounge:

Our SBE is blessed with a wide range of multimedia and technology. Whether it be the wall of opportunities, our UM card that can be used to purchase items or our many computers.

However, during a period of continuous innovation and improvement, the facilities taskforce believes it’s time for an update to our computer systems. Students have found themselves waiting 10 minutes for the computer to start up or waiting to see that the computer will not start up or experiencing other needless discomforts that are major hazards in our daily life as a student.

Have you ever needed to quickly print your power point slides right before your tutorial but don’t have the time to wait for the computer to start up? Do you regularly use our faculty’s computers and would like to see some improvement in efficiency? If yes then the facilities taskforce has heard your call!

This project is still in a trial period and stay tuned on social media to hear the progress on this project!

ICL opening hours

2 weeks prior to the exam week are the XXL hours in the inner city library and another Maastricht phenomenon called: the German run. The stress is high, people fight for a spot and many people wake up early to be on time in the library. Thank god the library is open earlier and closes later!

The XXL hours are such a relief for many students due to the fact that they can wake up earlier and go to the library to study until very late at night. But what if a student wants to study early in the morning because he is busy in the evening or vice versa? Due to his schedule he must wait 2 weeks prior to the exams to study effectively? We in the facilities taskforce believe that every student is unique and consequently has its own schedule.

“The early bird gets the worm” but “the second mouse gets the cheese”. Whether you like to study in the morning or in the evening we believe that you should always have the option to attend the library. That is why the facilities taskforce is working on a project that would extend the opening hours of the ICL and thus allow students to work harder and get better grades!

Eco-friendly waste bins

Maastricht University prides itself with it’s environmentally friendly actions such as recycling or its high uses of bikes. However, the facilities taskforce believe there is always room for improvement.

The waste bins in our faculty are standardized and we believe that a student should be continuously pushed to recycle and save the environment.

This is an ongoing project so stay tuned on social media to hear about any further updates in the mean time, do not forget to recycle your waste.