Phd @ SBE | Marc Schröder

The time spent working on one’s PhD are very exciting years for our young colleagues.
This is the first in a series of articles on recent PhD recipients at SBE.
Read how they dealt with challenges along the way and what their plans are after their PhD defense.
First up, Marc Schröder

The journey called PhD

“After three and a half years of courses at Maastricht University, the end of my studies came in sight. However, there were still two decisions to take:  what topic to choose for my master’s thesis and what  to do afterwards. Fortunately, the choice for a topic in the field of Game Theory solved both issues at the same time, as it was possible to continue to work on similar problems during a PhD. 

The choice to start a PhD turned out to be the right one. I like the combination of research and teaching,  and can look back at some great experiences. I have worked on different interesting problems, I have met many great people from various countries and I have visited several continents, among which a stay of four months in Singapore. One of the most memorable experiences was during a conference close to New York.  My presentation was on day one and on day two I received an email asking me to approach Nobel  Prize winner Robert J. Aumann, who apparently was interested in my talk.

The problem that we discussed is the so-called bankruptcy problem. A firm goes bankrupt and leaves behind a liquidation value. The question is how to divide the money among all creditors. Many rules are well-known, for example you could divide the amount proportional to the claims, but it is also important to know when to use what rule. Therefore, we try to describe those rules by means of their properties.

As I enjoy the atmosphere in Maastricht and grew up nearby, I am continuing my career as a Postdoc at the university. Luckily, the opportunity was there, and now I have some more time to decide about the future.”

Marc Schröder | Postdoc @ Quantative Economics department