Meet the PGD Legal Form & Financial Issues project group

When looking at the PostGraduate Development within SBE’s strategy plans, there is serious attention needed for the legal and financial aspects. PGD requires ambidextrous capabilities as it operates under a permanent tension between the need for integration and the need for autonomy. Both ends need to be enabled and organized. The current situation within the market asks from PostGraduate Development to be flexible and agile so a taskforce was created consisting of Prof. dr. Piet Eicholtz, Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer, Prof. dr. Harold Hassink, Kirsten Pluijmakers and Hanneke Daems – Wiermans, all with knowledge of financial and legal aspects and more information was provided by the legal department of the UM when needed.
After scanning the whole process thoroughly and addressing the current bottlenecks, a hybride structure was recommended to the Faculty Board, to secure maximum (fiscal) efficiency and (commercial) agility at the same time. During the upcoming years, this structure can be developed further and adjusted where needed. Also this taskforce looks into internal transfer prices to have them matched with market values.

PGD will be managed and branded as one business school, SBE based but with the opportunity for other faculties to link up with.