Meet the PGD Business Information team

The business information provided by several UM data sources is at the moment one big receptacle of data and not categorized. Business information is information that is categorized, verified and tailor made for the organisation it is provided to. The defined KPI’s are the incentive for business information. Business information is needed to reflect and adjust where necessary to maintain a healthy business or to adjust to the future, looking at the forecasts.

At this moment business information is available in all kind of sources. For example SAP-BI, in Excel files within the departments or other local IT systems. To get an overview of this information we first need to make an overview of those sources. In the next step we need to reflect the information on the pre-defined KPI’s. What information is needed for which KPI and how can we extract the information out of this source into another system? Or it might also be the case that we choose to setup other working instructions for employees to fill their information directluy into another system.

The best outcome would be that the business information will be accessible from the platform, linked with the other project deliverables and give answers to all defined KPI’s. It would also be great if the information is dynamic and gives the opportunity to make your own reports/forecasts in the system.

The team members involved in this process are:

Joëlle Bisschop: Financial information
Joël Castermans: Educational information
Sven Assink: System/ ICT component and team lead
Sylvie Vonk: PGE information

We defined a position for an information analyst, this is still vacant. This person is needed to analyse the puzzle pieces and is define this into readable KPI’s