Meet the Postgraduate Development lead team

The Postgraduate Development (PGD) lead team consist of Philip Vergauwen (Dean), Edward Peters (Managing director) and Marielle Heijltjes (Associate dean, director Postgraduate Education) and is assisted by the PGD project leader Pieter Jan Huijsse. The lead  team’s task is to make explicit what and how PGD contributes to SBE’s mission and vision and to formalise the proposed role of PGD in SBE’s governance structures and targets.

The proposals that the lead team has made so far emphasise that PGD is considered a strategic resource of SBE /UM. This means that PGD, as one of the core business of SBE, contributes to SBE/UM’s reputation regarding innovative, high quality education and facilitates connections to diverse external stakeholders which benefit SBE/UM education as well research. Furthermore, PGD provides avenues for third stream revenue generation. To function effectively, PGD needs operational autonomy and a firm commitment of SBE to also invest in PGD dedicated faculty, business development, (re)branding and (on-line) marketing, platform IT facilitation/CRM, housing and facilities. To capture PGD’s contribution to SBE and to report on progress, specific targets are being defined that reflect its strategic as well as financial importance.