Grants for Individuals – Fall 2017

Are you (planning on) submitting a Veni proposal in January 2018?
Or are you (planning on) submitting a Rubicon proposal in Spring 2018 or a Marie Curie in September 2018?
Do you want to know how to best structure your proposal?
Could you use some guidance in deciding on the tone of your proposal?
Do you want to know how proposals are reviewed?

Then register for the training ‘Grants for Individuals’!

The training is for young researchers in the last year of their PhD research up to three years after completion of their PhD. The aim of the training is to prepare researchers for competitive individual grant schemes (e.g. Veni, Marie Curie, Rubicon and other (less known) schemes which address this audience). There are two trainings every year: one in Spring and one in Fall. The next session runs from September till December.

The training is centered around actual research proposals: candidates enter the training with their own draft proposal, and finish with a version that is ready to submit. During the training they will review other proposals, rewrite their draft, present their proposal and refine their presentation.

The training consists of two general information sessions, writing skills sessions and presentation skills sessions. Based on these meetings, candidates will keep on working on their proposal and presentation.

Candidates need to upload their (updated) proposal into ELeUM regularly.


To be able to participate a candidate needs:

  • To be preparing a grant proposal which he/she is to submit to an individual grant funding scheme, e.g. Marie Curie fellowship grant, Rubicon grant and the Veni grant (please note all individual grant schemes are allowed, so not only these mainstream ones) in the near future.
  • To have full support from his/her Principal Investigator/department chair /supervisor and the faculty funding advisor. The aim of this is to ensure that candidates meet the requirement of the funding scheme and receives sufficient time to complete the training. The work involved in the training is quite intensive.


The group of participants will be divided into 2/4 subgroups, depending on the number of participants. Due to the limited number of participants, a selection process will take place. Your funding advisor can register potential participants for the selection process.



Participation requires commitment and effort of the participants (and their Principal Investigator/department chair /supervisor). Due to experiences in the past and the expenses we have for organizing the training, a deposit of € 1000,- will be requested. This will have to be paid by the department/supervisor.

When participants have shown sufficient participation (present during both information sessions, missed no more than other 1 meeting and has shown active participation, as evidenced by e.g. timely submission of homework), the deposit will be refunded after the training.


Experiences of a participant

“I highly recommend the training ‘Grants for Individuals’. The aim of the training is to prepare and submit a Veni proposal, and also to prepare for writing a rebuttal to reviewers’ comments and giving a presentation if invited to the interview. The major advantages of the training are the insights provided by the instructors into what committee members are looking for when reviewing applications, the feedback from colleagues from other disciplinary backgrounds, and the fact that the training keeps you on track to submit the proposal on time. This does mean that the training requires quite some commitment and regular ‘homework’ assignments, so although meetings are only for half a day every 2 or 3 weeks, work will be required in between. However, participants reap the benefits afterwards as they are well-prepared for submitting the proposal on time, writing a rebuttal to reviewers’ comments, and attending the interview. Following the training is therefore well worth the time investment, and the skills learned (e.g. how to sell your research to a non-expert audience) can be transferred to other settings as well.”

Natasja Reslow, FL, April 2016

Contact your funding advisor

So if you are (planning on) writing an application for a personal grant, such as Veni, Rubicon or Marie Curie, if you could use some guidance on writing your proposal and you can spend time on the training from September till December, contact your funding advisor before May 22. He or she can give you more information on the expected commitment and the training dates and register you if you want to participate.