UM Vidi workshops 2017

Are you (planning on) writing a Vidi proposal to submit in October?
Could you use some feedback and discussions with experts (and fellow applicants)?
Do you want to discuss the best way of presenting your CV or any other part of your proposal?

Then attend one of the Vidi workshops!

For researchers applying for a Vidi grant in October, UM-wide workshops are held, facilitated by an external trainer. These workshops supplement the general Veni/Vidi information session, held in June. For researchers who are interested in receiving feedback and guidance with his/her proposal, in depth workshops are offered. Please note that the workshops are only open to researchers who have attended the general Veni/Vidi information session. There will be 4 sessions: 2 for Life Sciences and 2 for Social Sciences applicants. The sessions will be held either in the morning or in the afternoon, and will last 4 hours. In preparation for the workshop, each participant needs to review the proposal of 2 fellow participants.

In each workshop there is room for 5 participants, therefore a selection may need to take place.

The workshops are open to all candidates who:

  • Meet the Vidi scheme requirements
  • Are actively writing a Vidi proposal to submit in October 2017
  • Attended the Veni/Vidi information session (as in depth knowledge of the scheme and insights in the development of a successful Vidi proposal are required)
  • Are willing and able to actively prepare for and participate in the workshops

If you meet these requirements and want to participate in the workshops, contact your funding advisor before 22 May. He/she will help you check your eligibility and register you for the workshops. Due to the limited number of participants, you may receive an invitation for a selection interview after registration. After the interview you will be informed by email about possible participation, the dates and setup.

For more information on the workshops, contact your funding advisor.