He came, he conquered: Stephan Smeekes claims coveted Vidi prize

Stephan Smeekes, associate professor in the department of quantitative economics at SBE, has won a prestigious Vidi grant worth €800,000 for his work on data analytics.

He is one of just six Maastricht University academics, and only 89 scholars in total, to have received a Vidi award this year from NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. The funding is intended to support experienced mid-career scholars and to encourage curiosity-driven research.

The Vidi grant, for Stephan’s work on data analytics for economic time series, will allow him to set up his own research group. He and his team will develop methods for reliable analysis of the increasingly large and complex datasets now being collected in economics over longer and longer timespans. The aim is to focus on methods that can accurately assess the certainty of findings and predictions.

Stephan, who undertook his undergraduate and postgraduate study at UM, received the Christiaan Huygens prize for his doctoral thesis in 2012. He has held the position of associate professor in SBE since 2015.

Congrats Stephan!