Humans of SBE | Stephan

“Stephan, you’re one of just six UM researchers this year to have received the coveted NWO Vidi grant, which brings with it 800,000 euros for your research. How does it feel?”

“It came as big surprise. Actually I found out last Wednesday while I was in a session where our bachelor’s students were presenting their BSc thesis progress. I couldn’t believe it!
I needed to look up my file number and double-check the list to confirm that my research proposal really was in there. They must have thought: ‘What is he doing on his phone during our presentations…and with such a big smile on his face?’.
Together with the new PhD students that I can hire, I’m looking forward to start developing methods for the analysis of large and complex datasets observed over time, thereby bringing econometrics and data science together.”

Stephan | Associate Professor in the Department of Quantitative Economics


And a word from the Dean of SBE on Stephan’s accomplishment:

“The Vidi grant is a clear recognition of the genius we all knew we had in the school. Stephan and his research is crucial for SBE’s next steps in data science. There couldn’t have been a better moment to allow Stephan to focus on this work. Talent hits a target no one else can hit…but genius like Stephan’s hits a target no one else can see.”

Philip | Dean