Jarrod Ormiston, assistant professor in social entrepreneurship at the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E), has been awarded an Alumni Fund Grant of 9,800 euros by the Limburg University Fund/SWOL [Universiteitsfonds Limburg/SWOL] for research into refugee entrepreneurs.

For this action research project, Ormiston will collaborate with Launchbase at MC4E, Refugees Forward (an entrepreneurship education programme for refugees), and two student associations, Refugee Project Maastricht and Enactus Maastricht. The two-stage undertaking, he says, “explores the nature of refugee entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, and how refugees and asylum seekers are being supported by entrepreneurship education.

“Stage one will follow the journey of 20 refugee entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who have received entrepreneurship education. Stage two will involve a practical workshop for aspiring refugee entrepreneurs, which incorporates findings from stage one. The findings of the research will be published in an industry report, conference paper and journal submission. The qualitative research and the workshop will serve as a pilot for developing a refugee entrepreneurship education program at Maastricht University.”

The funding, Ormiston says, “will allow us to explore best practice in supporting refugee entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Since receiving the grant, I have already had productive conversations with various organisations in Maastricht about how we can collaborate to deliver entrepreneurship education for refugees in the region.”