THE PAPER TRAIL: Hannes Guenter on the secrets to successful research teams

What makes a research team successful? A team led by Hannes Guenter, associate professor of organizational behavior at SBE, might just have some essential insights.

Guenter is lead author of the paper “Shared authentic leadership in research teams: Testing a multiple mediation”, which will be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal Small Group Research (expected early 2018) and will be available via open access as part of the publisher’s SAGE Choice programme. In this study, Guenter and his four US-based co-authors examined the leadership and coordination challenges facing research teams by studying 142 such groups (69.1% of whose authors came from from the US/Canada, 20.5% from Europe and 8.8% from Asia/Pacific) that had recently published a paper in a peer-reviewed management journal.

So what can fellow academics learn from this paper about the importance of teamwork?

Guenter says, “As we discuss in the paper, while research teams high on trust and shared mental models expressed greater satisfaction with the team and perceived their performance to be high, they were surprisingly less successful in publishing their work in high-impact journals. One of the practical implications is that author teams should be cautious about relying on their own judgment as a leading indicator of future publication success, and instead invite critical feedback from subject matter experts who are not on the author team.”