Well Read: Nadine Kiratli on the ‘flowers and bees’ of marketing and logistics

Whenever we can, we ask SBE scholars to recommend an academic paper or book that they find particularly valuable. This week, Dr Nadine Kiratli, assistant professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, recommends Marketing and Logistics-Led Organizations: Creating and Operating Customer-Focused Supply Networks by Robert Mason and Barry Evans (Kogan Page, 2018).

What’s it all about?

The book  is about the importance of the connection between marketing and logistics. The authors, one academic and one practitioner, nicely integrate the marketing perspective with that of supply chain management, resolving a lot of misconceptions about these seemingly opposite, incompatible business functions. In fact, marketing and SCM functions are very much interdependent for delivering customer value – a bit like flowers need bees to reproduce and bees need flowers’ nectar to survive. The Amazons and Zalandos of this world only thrive because they master both in an integrative fashion.

What did you learn from it?

With a master’s degree in strategic marketing and a doctorate in purchasing and supply chain management, I have long been a proponent of studying and researching these two functions in an integrative manner. This book, however, has tremendously extended my perspective of how closely marketing and SCM can and should actually work together in creating customer value. Written in very accessible language and nicely combining theory with practice, this book is the perfect read for students, educators, researchers and managers. It provides numerous examples of companies that excel because of the complementarity of their marketing and SCM functions.

In my role as a researcher in SBE’s Marketing and Supply Chain (MSCM) department, the book inspires me to keep combining SCM and marketing perspectives in my work. And in my role as the course coordinator of the 2nd year BSc course in Marketing & Supply Chain Management, I borrowed a few of the book’s compelling arguments to introduce the course in my opening lecture. Bottom line: Robert Mason and Barry Evans’ book provides a holistic approach to marketing and logistics and therefore qualifies as a must-read – at least for all MSCM colleagues.