SBE alumni reunion during the PAS festival

On Friday and Saturday 8 and 9 September 2017, the Pleasure, Arts and Sciences (PAS) Festival will take place in Maastricht once again. Over the course of the two days, scientists,

Home truths: let’s give our colleagues on reception a break

As you know, postal deliveries to SBE are received at reception and then typically delivered to the recipient’s secretariat or office. Even in a digital world, we all receive the

Annual bike clean-up campaign

This summer, UM will be carrying out its usual clean-up campaign at all locations. All bicycles with visible defects will be tagged. Bicycles that are not retrieved by their owners will ultimately be

Alumni Meet & Greet in Singapore

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Philip Vergauwen attended  a very special Alumni Meet & Greet in Singapore last week, held at the strikingly scenic 1919 Waterboat House. While in Singapore our Dean took the opportunity to visit

Humans of SBE | Stephan

“Stephan, you’re one of just six UM researchers this year to have received the coveted NWO Vidi grant, which brings with it 800,000 euros for your research. How does it

Porta Mosana ‘The School of the Future’

Over the past two weeks, second year high-school students (ages 13-14) of Porta Mosana chose to participate in the ‘School of the Future‘ project. Twelve groups of 5-6 students worked

He came, he conquered: Stephan Smeekes claims coveted Vidi prize

Stephan Smeekes, associate professor in the department of quantitative economics at SBE, has won a prestigious Vidi grant worth €800,000 for his work on data analytics. He is one of

Brown Bag Seminar: Fedor Dzegilenko, BNY Mellon Innovation Center Silicon Valley

Date: Friday 9 June 2017 Time: 12.00-13.00 Location: BISS Service Innovation Lab (SIN 1.08), Brightlands Smart Services Campus. Lunch: Coffee/Tea and a bun will be provided About the seminar In

Class actions: Frank Cörvers on how to solve the schoolteacher shortage

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The Netherlands currently needs about 10,000 more primary schoolteachers than it has. Is there a workable solution to the shortage? The NPO evening news programme Een Vandaag asked three of

Outstanding in their field: SBE scholars join forces at Elinor Ostrom Symposium

The Natuurtuinen Jekerdal set the verdant scene for SBE’s latest Elinor Ostrom Symposium on 11 May. Some two dozen SBE scholars – accompanied, in many cases, by their children ­–