New volume Marble series published

Several Econometrics and Operations Research students in the Marble program have made a first step in their research career. They have contributed to a new volume of the marble series:

MARBLE Students Present Their Research Findings

During this semester, a group of enthusiastic students participated in the MARBLE programme. This programme offers ambitious and talented students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and train

Strength in numbers: can algorithms replace humans in financial regulation?

Artificial intelligence pinpoints patterns in financial transactions with lightning swiftness, making it invaluable for banks and regulatory authorities. Professor Dirk Broeders, currently a fellow at the world’s “bank for central banks” in

The write stuff: if you want to get more out of that training session, review it

How can companies motivate their sales employees to take work-related training aimed at developing their skill sets? “Make them write reviews about their learning experience,” advises Dominik Mahr of Maastricht University’s

Getting down to business: MC4E hosts a bootcamp for budding refugee entrepreneurs

On Saturday 24 February, the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) and Zuyd Hogeschool ran a one-day refugee entrepreneurship workshop at LaunchBase. The workshop’s aim was to connect refugee entrepreneurs with

Team effort: SBE researchers are helping Limburg’s small manufacturers learn to think big

Could service innovation make SME manufacturers more competitive? PhD student Kars Mennens, who leads a triple helix project assessing the impact of provincial subsidies, says research evidence can help persuade

The UM Star Lectures Series 2018: Rachel Pownall on appreciating art in the global economy

The art market, worth about $45 billion globally, is booming. Rachel Pownall, who holds the TEFAF Chair in Art Markets at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, is investigating

The 2018 UM Star Lectures series: in the digital age, is everything we know about marketing obsolete?

The digital era is changing how organisations and consumers communicate with and about each other, causing a major shift in marketing strategy. Martin Wetzels, professor of marketing and supply chain

The 2018 UM Star Lectures series: in the Sustainability 2.0 era, home is where the health and wealth is

Sustainable homes designed to reduce the overall environmental impact are typically heralded in terms of saving the planet. But can healthier homes offer more immediate benefits, too? Piet Eichholtz, professor

Cheap deals, rude customers? The hidden cost of low prices

When prices shrink, does our empathy for salespeople shrink with them? Are we more likely to belittle a Ryanair flight attendant than one in a Lufthansa uniform? The answer, it