They came, they saw, they discovered: NWO-Vidi honours for Annelies Renders, Caroline Goukens and Olivier Marie

Being recognised for academic excellence by the nation’s most important research funder is an honour; when it comes with 800,00 euros to support five years of research, the impact can be life-changing. In

Introducing Peter Møllgaard: Dane, dean and cyclist, keen on flatlands, long stretches and steep challenges

For those who have yet to meet Peter Møllgaard in the halls of Tongersestraat 53 or via his thoughtful social media contributions, you’ll doubtless soon spot the new dean of Maastricht University

Head games: why talking about epistemic game theory with non-experts is surprisingly easy… and a lot of fun

Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by how we humans think. In that light, working on epistemic game theory feels like the ideal playground to me, since in

Happy coincidence: when the comedian met the scholar

If you measure research impact by how broadly it is shared, associate professor of finance Paul Smeets’ co-authored study on “buying happiness” is doing well by any measure, with high citations

Well Read: Nadine Kiratli on the ‘flowers and bees’ of marketing and logistics

Whenever we can, we ask SBE scholars to recommend an academic paper or book that they find particularly valuable. This week, Dr Nadine Kiratli, assistant professor in the Department of Marketing

Fine fellows: SBE’s Peiran Jiao and Thomas Meissner win Marie Skłodowska Curie awards

Assistant professor of finance Peiran Jiao and assistant professor of economics Thomas Meissner have both been awarded Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual European Fellowships for research into our financial behaviour, from saving and

Friend or foe? Asking the elderly what they really think of plans for ‘robot caregivers’

In countless areas of modern life, we are told, the robots are coming… and among the roles they may some day fill are those of “socially assistive” tools for the

A world of potential: SBE unveils new MSc in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets

Launching in September 2018, the new MSc in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets follows on the heels of the successful Emerging Markets specialisation, now in its third year, in the

Giving economics a nudge: SBE scholars on Thaler’s Nobel, casinos and credit cards, and behavioural economics at UM

According to fellow laureate Robert Shiller, Richard H. Thaler, the 2017 winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences – the Nobel for economists ­– is a “controversial” but

Well Read: Hans van Mierlo on the economics of climate policy

Every week we ask SBE scholars to recommend an academic paper or book from outside their discipline. This week, Hans van Mierlo, full professor of public finance, recommends the papers “Economic Doctrines