The 2018 UM Star Lectures series: Piet Eichholtz on why home is where the health and wealth is

Sustainable homes designed to reduce the overall environmental impact are typically heralded in terms of saving the planet. But can healthier homes offer more immediate benefits, too? Piet Eichholtz, professor

Cheap deals, rude customers? The hidden cost of low prices

When prices shrink, does our empathy for salespeople shrink with them? Are we more likely to belittle a Ryanair flight attendant than one in a Lufthansa uniform? The answer, it

Giving economics a nudge: SBE scholars on Thaler’s Nobel, casinos and credit cards, and behavioural economics at UM

According to fellow laureate Robert Shiller, Richard H. Thaler, the 2017 winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences – the Nobel for economists ­– is a “controversial” but

Well Read: Hans van Mierlo on the economics of climate policy

Every week we ask SBE scholars to recommend an academic paper or book from outside their discipline. This week, Hans van Mierlo, full professor of public finance, recommends the papers “Economic Doctrines

Well Read: Gaby Odekerken-Schröder on what’s going on in teenagers’ heads

Every week we ask SBE scholars to recommend an academic paper or book from outside their discipline. This week, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, professor in customer-centric service science and head of the Department of Marketing

International Student Week 2017: SBE scholars on herring and the Hoge Brug, PBL and inspiring professors

It’s International Student Week 2017! The number of students from around the world opting to study in the Netherlands is on the rise, but as the SBE community knows, Maastricht University has long been

Geld moet rollen: Paul Smeets on millionaires, malaria cures and charitable giving with real impact

How much money do society’s “haves” – or high net worth individuals, in bankers’ language – give to worthy causes, and to which ones? And do wealthy people in the

The smart money: Lisa Brüggen lends academic insights to NIBUD, the Netherlands’ household finance adviser

Professor Lisa Brüggen has been named to the supervisory board of NIBUD, the National Institute for Family Finance Information. An independent not-for-profit institute, NIBUD offers information and advice on personal finance and

New land, new lives, new businesses: refugee entrepreneurs look to the future

All entrepreneurs are inspired by the dream of creating something new. For refugee entrepreneurs, however, the challenges of building a business go hand in hand with the challenge of building

Hot topic: Nora Pankratz wins FIR-PRI grant to study financial impact of heat exposure

It’s a given that heatwaves affect us all, and not just on an individual level as we suffer through a sweltering day, but on a national level, too, as extreme