Maastricht development platform

Here at the SBE, we understand the importance of a career. Currently, our students are studying very hard and striving to reach the top and if it’s the community’s taskforce job to make their stay more enjoyable, it’s the career’s taskforce job to ensure a bright future. That is why they are working on a Maastricht Development Platform.

This Platform will allow students to align their interests with the interests of the companies in the fields of career, support and preparation. We at the career taskforce hope this will ease the transition from a SBE student to a successful business man or woman.

This is still an ongoing project and we would love to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for any additional information concerning the Maastricht Development Platform

Kent credit system

Here in the SBE, we fully understand that a career is not just limited by grades. Even though it is true that grades are important, the career taskforce believes that extra curricular or individual qualities are just as important for their future.

That is why the career taskforce is working on a Kent Credit System. This will allow students to receive credits for certain extra curricular activities. Not only would this reward current students for their work but it would also encourage other students to pursue activities other than studying.

This is an ongoing project but concerns every single student directly, that is why we would love to hear your opinion on the matter via one of our many communication tools.