During the school year 2016-2017, the community taskforce is strengthening relations between students and between staff by organising special events two to three times a period. These events include pub quizzes, casino nights and even a special Glüwein night!

These events take place between 17h and 20h at our very own SBE bar. You can find it right outside of our lecture hall! Stay tuned for notifications from social media for you just might receive special deals such as the first beers being on the house, because we know how hard the SBE is and we want to reward you for your hard work.

Would you like a special theme on one of our nights or do you have any other questions concerning the SBE bar and it’s event? Don’t hesitate to find us or to contact our chairman: Carina Herber

Exchange Fair

The word community can mean many things. It can be global or local, small or big and tight or loose. As the community taskforce, our job is not only to strengthen the SBE community but also strengthen the community wherever you may be.

Are you an International Business bachelor student and are eager to know more about your semester abroad? Are you a student from a different track going abroad and would like to be immersed in the culture even before your departure? Or are you a Master/alumni student and would like to relive your fondest memories of your semester abroad? Then the exchange fair is perfect for you!

The community taskforce is planning to organise an exchange fair that should take place in spring 2017, just in time for our second year bachelor students that wish to go abroad in the second semester!

This fair is an absolutely must go for anyone interested in multiculturalism and since you are studying in the School of Business and Economics, we know you are! So practice you’re Spanish, French and Chinese, gather your questions and enjoy your day at the exchange fair

First year community events

Welcome Freshmen!

This year, the SBE welcomed over 1100 new students from all around the globe. These students were distributed into 22 communities with each community having 2 mentors and one academic advisor. The students in these communities will spend all year getting to know each other and having fun in our beautiful city of Maastricht!

However, the community taskforce is not all work no play, which is why we are planning a special first year community event during the upcoming skills period! Be ready to have a lot of fun with not only your community but with other communities, we can promise you that it will be a memorable night!