Increased value in tutorial meetings

One of the main pride and joys of the School of Business and Economics is the PBL system. At the heart of the PBL system are the tutorials, therefore these tutorials are the most important element of our studies here in Maastricht.

The Education taskforce, is looking into the PBL sessions, its structure and its effectiveness. We, in the education taskforce believe it’s essential that every single student can make the best out of these tutorials. We are working hard to make sure that the PBL system is as value adding as possible.

This is an ongoing project and we would love to hear some input from your own tutorial experiences, what could be improved and what is effective. Do not hesitate to contact us via our different method or contact our chairman: Jana Lautenschläger

Partner university recommendation

Every student is unique and every mind works in a different way. Some prefer literal classes with a lot of information but presented in a clear and structured way whilst others prefer more quantitative classes with less pages but more complex applications. It’s imperative that students know their strengths and weaknesses and the content of their classes they are getting involved in.

The Education taskforce would like to cooperate with the international relation office (IRO) in order to further inform the students going abroad. As a result, when a student goes abroad he will know more precisely what classes he is signing up for in the exchange universities.

Furthermore, the Education taskforce will also make the process for your exchange smoother by confirming what classes have been chosen.

This is an ongoing project so stay tuned on our social media to learn more about its evolution.