The write stuff: if you want to get more out of that training session, review it

How can companies motivate their sales employees to take work-related training aimed at developing their skill sets? “Make them write reviews about their learning experience,” advises Dominik Mahr of Maastricht University’s


Well Read: Nadine Kiratli on the ‘flowers and bees’ of marketing and logistics

Whenever we can, we ask SBE scholars to recommend an academic paper or book that they find particularly valuable. This week, Dr Nadine Kiratli, assistant professor in the Department of Marketing


Fine fellows: SBE’s Peiran Jiao and Thomas Meissner win Marie Skłodowska Curie awards

Assistant professor of finance Peiran Jiao and assistant professor of economics Thomas Meissner have both been awarded Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual European Fellowships for research into our financial behaviour, from saving and