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The PhD Brown Bag Seminar is a monthly informal seminar organized by and tailored to the needs of PhD students from all departments of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Maastricht University.
The goal of the seminar is for you to present your work at any stage of development and receive feedback from your peers across departments. Upon your request we can also invite senior staff to your seminar.
We provide a platform for juniors and seniors across departments of SBE who are working on similar topics. In addition you can also invite external PhD students to come and present their work at our seminar.

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Upcoming seminars
May 11, 2017: Stan Vermeulen (AE2)  – Title: On-the-job-training as a signal: Why low-educated workers invest less in further training


Organizing team
Sanne van Wetten,
Lynn van Vugt,