Piet Eichholtz, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
The 2018 UM Star Lectures series: in the Sustainability 2.0 era, home is where the health and wealth is
webmaster-sbe | 18 January

Sustainable homes designed to reduce the overall environmental impact are typically heralded in terms of saving the planet. But can

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Hannes Guenter, SBE
THE PAPER TRAIL: Hannes Guenter on the secrets to successful research teams
KM Shook | 4 October

What makes a research team successful? A team led by Hannes Guenter, associate professor of organizational behavior at SBE, might just

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Kaj Thomsson appeared in the Journal of Politics
webmaster-sbe | 6 June

A paper by Kaj Thomsson (Department of Economics, section 2) co-authored with Stephen B. Kaplan of George Washington University entitled

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Annelies Renders forthcoming in Review of Accounting Studies
webmaster-sbe | 10 May

A paper by Annelies Renders (A&IM Department) co-authored with Peter Fiechter (University of Neuchatel) Wayne Landsman (Kenan-Flagler Business School) and

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Jean-Jacques Herings forthcoming in Management Science
webmaster-sbe | 10 May

A paper by Jean-Jacques Herings (Department of Economics, section 1) entitled “Decentralized Clearing in Financial Networks“, co-authored with Péter Csóka

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Mathijs van Peteghem forthcoming in The Accounting Review
webmaster-sbe | 3 May

A paper by Mathijs van Peteghem (Department of Accounting & Information Management) co-authored with Liesbeth Bruynseels and Ann Gaeremynck (University

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AIM researchers forthcoming in The Accounting Review
webmaster-sbe | 26 April

A paper by Alexander Brüggen and Christoph Feichter (Department of Accounting & Information Management) co-authored with Michael Williamson (University of

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Free Open Access with Sage
webmaster-sbe | 5 April

As of now publishing in almost 800 Sage journals is free of charge for you as an UM author: you

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Hannes Guenter forthcoming in The Leadership Quarterly
webmaster-sbe | 27 March

A paper by Hannes Guenter (Department of Organization & Strategy) co-authored with Darja Miscenko (The University of Western Australia) and

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