Maintenance and workflow

The maintenance of the website is a shared activity. The faculty assigns two positions to work on the website. These editorial positions are not yet filled but take definite effect in September 2016. The faculties editorial team has full access rights and is end responsible for the online content.

The editorial team is supported by four coordinators and content contributors that all situated within different areas within the faculty. They will have special access rights to the website and serve as focal point for all of their peers within the faculty. They are not yet selected but consist to a large part of the same personal who was up until now involved. More information about the roles and workflow you can find here.

From May until September an interim editor as well as the central Marketing and Communication  department will serve as contact person In addition the web content coordinator of the faculty has full access rights and is end responsible for the implementation of online content.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance please contact the web content coordinator.