Transferring the text, audiovisual material as well as webforms from the old online environment into the new one is not easy. It is done by the central editorial team in collaboration with the faculty’s web content coordinator. Together with matter experts and unit coordinators all content will be reviewed and edited (if necessary) before put in its new place.

Workflow model

Production flowchart

Content Creation

Experts have to be contacted and unit coordinators selected. Their tasks, responsibilities and expected amount of workload is outlined in the section Roles. A small communication campaign should be put in place to allow people to participate in the final stage towards this new website.

Experts are asked to compile the content and consult with the unit coordinators. Once finished with this process the documents can be transfered.


An editor can effectively start working well before the deadline for the experts and unit coordinators has passed. The editor has access to the backend and can work remotely. We assume that editors share the workload among different faculties. This ensures uniformity across the entire UM website and a more diverse routine for the editor. There will be a back and forward exchange between unit coordinators and editors in the first and second step.

Content implementation

This step requires prior training in Drupal (the content management system used) for the web content coordinator and his assistant and all unit coordinators. To arrange trainings for this group is a top priority to ensure that key people possess all necessary skills and know-how in time.

The other steps are implemented after the phase #1 due to time limitations.