Roles and workflow

The workflow and roles will change and take effect by 1 September 2016. For the period of May until September interim workflow and roles are in place. The workflow concerns the handling of information and subsequent representation of it on the website. The roles discussed here are used throughout the three year process and might change in September.


There are four roles that differ in tasks, responsibility and access rights from one another. The roles are assumed by either dedicated personal (in the case of editors and executive editors) or existing personal who’s main function differs widely.

Current roles

Unit 1: BSc & MSc Programmes

Lieve Quintens is the expert for all BSc programmes.

MSc Programmes

MSc International Business
IB – Accountancy Alexander Brüggen
IB – Controlling Alexander Brüggen
IB – Entrepreneurship and SME management Anita van Gils
IB – Finance Stefanie Kleimeier
IB – Information management and Business Intelligence Marc Vluggen/ Alexander Grigoriev
IB – Marketing-Finance Joost Pennings
IB – Organisation: Management, Change and Consultancy Hannes Guenter
IB – Strategic Marketing Gaby Odekerken-Schröder
IB – Strategy and Innovation Marc van Wegberg
IB – Supply Chain Management Lieven Quintens
IB – Sustainable Finance Jeroen Derwall
MSc Business Research Wilko Letterie
MSc Econometrics and Operations Research Dries Vermeulen
MSc Economic and Financial Research Ronald Peeters
MSc Economics Martin Strobel, Arkadi Predtetchinski, Eric de Regt
MSc Financial Economics Stefan Straetmans
MSc Fiscal Economics Hans van Mierlo
MSc Global Supply Chain Management and Change Janjaap Semeijn
MSc Human Decision Science Martin Strobel
MSc Information Network Economics Tyas Prevoo / Laury Bollen
MSc Management of Learning Mien Segers

Unit 2 – Academic departments and institutes

Department secretaries and institutes secretaries according to website.

Economics Fleur Keune-Roemers, Nicole Hulsman, Elke Lucas
Quantitative Economist Yolanda Paulissen
Finance Cécile Luijten
Organization and Strategy Adela Buttolo
Accounting and information management Nick Sutton
Educational Research and Development Paul Jacobs
Marketing and Supply Chain Management Prickaerts Pascalle

Unit 3 – Post graduate education and partnerships

Programme coordinators according to website. For GSBE it is Miranda Gubbels and for partnerships it is Esther Kockelkoren.

Unit 4 – Student services and miscellaneous

For all other information the marketing and communication department is responsible for the information. Please contact your web content coordinator for more information depending on the particular case.


Unit 1: BSc and MSc Programmes

Claudia Spierings is the unit coordinator for MSc programmes. Tonita Toñita Perea y Monsuwé is the unit coordinator for BSc programmes.

Unit 2: Departments and institutes

There are currently no unit coordinators assigned. In the case of GSBE it is Miranda Gubbels. In the case of the academic departments it is necessary to appoint one of the current experts to become a unit coordinator. This needs to be discussed.

Unit 3: Postgraduate education

For PGE it is Tanja Kicken and Miranda Schoep from AIM and Marion Hameleers for PGE.

Unit 4: Student services and miscellaneous

There is currently no unit coordinator for this role. Please contact your web content coordinator for more information depending on the particular case.

There is currently only on web editor available. Michael Saive is the editor for SBE. A second editor will be available by 1 September 2016.

For information about the editorial team please contact Nicole Hanssen (editor in chief), Atticus Mullikin (central editor for SBE) or Joyce Larue (executive editor).

Expert / Content creator

Content creators are program developers or program coordinators. In some instances these can also be secretaries and support staff. In the case of a master program it is the person in charge of the program or expert that knows best what the program is about, how it is setup, what it contains etc.


Compile all relevant information for the specific program or department

Provide additional ideas that can improve the website

Share information about events, news or updates on dates

Each expert is responsible to report issues or problems directly to the unit coordinator. The unit coordinator advices the expert on several issues relating to his/her tasks.


This role has access to the content management system and is able to add content. This role has no publishing rights.


Training in the content management system and dedicated time to work on it.

Unit coordinator

A unit coordinator is already in charge of the department website or website of the functional unit (GSBE). There are four unit coordinators in this setup: 1. MSc and BSc programmes, 2. Departments and institutes (Research), 3. Postgraduate education and Partnerships, 4. Student services and miscellaneous.


A unit coordinator has the responsibility to ensure that content for the Department website or unit website is up to date and correct. The unit coordinator is expected to works together with experts if his/her help is requested. He/She is also responsible to inform the editors and work in close cooperation to ensure integrity and uniformity across a unit. Each unit coordinator is responsible to report issues or problems directly to the editors and consult with him on a regular basis.


This role has access to the content management system and is able to publish content. This role has the same rights as editors.


Training in the content management system and set amount of time dedicated to the tasks.

Faculty’s editor

In the new organisation two editorial positions are filled. These posts are end responsible for the faculties web pages and coordination with the central editorial team. They are not filled yet but will be available by 1 September 2016. In the meantime they will be assumed by the faculties web content coordinator.


The editor performs according to established editorial plans and frameworks towards set deadlines. The editor supports experts and unit coordinators in their task and organises their activities along the communication goals. He or she is responsible for the quality of the content being published on the faculties page.


This role has access to the content management system and is able to publish content.


Training in the content management system.

UM editorial team

The central UM editorial team is currently under construction. It will assume its full operation by 1 September 2016. It will be responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure consistency in style and content across the entire UM website.