High quality research portfolio management

Main goals

  • To continue the success in research and research education of the past by assuring and increasing its quality
  • Increasing the relevance and impact of our research and its relevance for and impact on teaching ; this may imply more thematic research and hence likely more interdisciplinary research
  • Increasing the visibility of our research and research masters
  • Increasing the volume of research funding in a highly competitive international environment for talents and funding
  • Amending structure and content of the research masters, to make them better suited and more attractive for students who opt for a PhD in business and economics
  • Keeping the right balance between research and teaching and other duties
  • (re-)Aligning the incentive structure of our HR policy ( tenure-track, criteria for tenure, for promotion,…) to fit the objectives of research and teaching at SBE. Make these decisions more transparent. Require what you value and value what you require!


Peter Schotman

Frank Moers

Wilko Letterie

Ronald Peeters

Ellen Krijnen 

Edward Huizenga (projectleader)

Theme development incl. funding

Caroline Goukens
Patricia Jaspers
Andrea Willems
Alexander Brüggen
Alexander Grigoriev
Andries de Grip
André Jeursen

Governance incl. funding

Gaby Odekerken
Ellen Krijnen
Jaap Bos
Bert Schreurs
Dries Vermeulen
Lex Borghans
Wim Gijselaers / Mien Segers
Rob Levels

Talent development & Education

Miranda Gubbels
Boris Blumberg
Isabella Grabner
Rachel Pownall
Lieven Quintens
Annelies Renders
Stefan Straetmans
Didier Fouarge
Brigitte Defesche

HR policy

Ellen Krijnen
Martin Carree
Brigitte Defesche
Elias Tsakas
Rep. phd committee
Mien Segers


Paul Hick
M&C/Meredith Bradt
faculty members