Postgraduate and Executive Education

Main goals

  • Defining what and how PGD should contribute to SBE’s mission/vision/strategy
  • Formulating targets and governance, including legal and financial structures, in relation to SBE and the UM
  • Co-creating business and market development strategies and plans, including long-term targets and expertise themes
  • Further developing a platform-based organisation model
  • Developing PGD marketing and communications, value proposition and positioning and how this translates into a “new” brand
  • Blueprint development of work processes involving business information, CRM and platform management
  • Develop a human resource management policy to foster an ambitious and motivated faculty community


Philip Vergauwen

Mariëlle Heijltjes

Edward Peters

Pieter Jan Huijsse (projectleader)

SBE strategy PGD

PGD Lead-team

PGD targets & governance

PGD Lead-team

Business & market development (strategic level)

PGD Lead-team

UM strategy - PGD

Luc Soete

Approach: PGD as a platform based organization

Pieter Jan Huijsse

Business development

Sabine Janssen
Martin Lammers
Alexander Bruggen
External business developer(s)
OBP > at a later stage in process

Market development

Ingrid Voncken
Boris Blumberg
Didier Fouarge
Dominique Mahr

Marketing & Communication

Ron Jacobs
Marion Hameleers
Laszlo Determann
Diana Berdun Mingo
Monique Merckx
External agency

Systems & IT

System & IT Business information

Sven Assink

Joel Castermans

OBP > at a later stage in process

CRM & platform management

André Jeursen
Ron Jacobs
Rene Katenberg
Paul Hick

Organisation structure & HR

Marielle Heijltjes

Pia Mueters / Yves Engelen

Wilko Letterie

Harold Hassink

Legal form & financial issues

Harold Hassink
Hanneke Wiermans
Frank Rozemeijer
Piet Eichholtz
Controller: Joelle Bisschop