Peiran Jiao
Testosterone on the trading floor: Peiran Jiao gets the measure of the men behind the markets
KM Shook | 20 August

Neoclassical economics, says Peiran Jiao, dominated his undergraduate and even his doctoral studies; as a young scholar, he adds, he

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SBE students collaborate with Sustainable Development research theme on analysis of the tobacco industry’s future
KM Shook | 20 August

As smoking dwindles and anti-smoking laws grow, what happens to investor choices? SBE undergraduates Filip Dobrzynski, Jeroen Schmitz, Fabian Grohmann,

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Stephan Smeekes
Search party: the SBE researchers who are turning to Google for answers on the economy
KM Shook | 12 August

If the average person knows anything about economic forecasting, it’s that it’s a job for the number-crunching experts. And however

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Didier Fouarge
Work in progress: the man whose job today is finding out what our jobs will look like tomorrow
KM Shook | 10 August

If your job is your passion, they say, you’ve got the best job in the world. Professor Didier Fouarge, who

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Home and away: Inge Hooijen and colleagues take a look at Limburg, its labour market and its natives and newcomers
KM Shook | 27 June

Home to the Maastricht Treaty that founded the European Union, and sharing the Meuse-Rhine Euregion with German and Belgian neighbours

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New volume Marble series published
webmaster-sbe | 8 June

Several Econometrics and Operations Research students in the Marble program have made a first step in their research career. They

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MARBLE Students Present Their Research Findings
webmaster-sbe | 8 June

During this semester, a group of enthusiastic students participated in the MARBLE programme. This programme offers ambitious and talented students

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Annelie Renders, Caroline Goukens, Olivier Marie
They came, they saw, they discovered: NWO-Vidi honours for Annelies Renders, Caroline Goukens and Olivier Marie
KM Shook | 6 June

Being recognised for academic excellence by the nation’s most important research funder is an honour; when it comes with 800,00 euros to

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Peter Møllgaard
Introducing Peter Møllgaard: Dane, dean and cyclist, keen on flatlands, long stretches and steep challenges
KM Shook | 9 May

For those who have yet to meet Peter Møllgaard in the halls of Tongersestraat 53 or via his thoughtful social

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The Bank for International Settlements
Strength in numbers: can algorithms replace humans in financial regulation?
webmaster-sbe | 2 May

Artificial intelligence pinpoints patterns in financial transactions with lightning swiftness, making it invaluable for banks and regulatory authorities. Professor Dirk Broeders, currently

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